Notes on a Wedding: The Venue

With 23 days to go until our big day, I'm finally finding time (and head space) to sit down and share some of my thoughts on our wedding, and weddings in general. I really have no rhyme or reason, other than being deliriously happy that the day is approaching! 

First up, the venue. Kevin left it up to me to decide where our ceremony should take place. Partly because he's a guy and has no idea what he's supposed to do, and partly because he knows I'm kind of a control freak and always have a detailed vision in my head. I really only knew two things. I didn't want a venue that felt like a wedding venue. We didn't want a huge, circus-like affair. The other thing  I wanted from a venue was an outside space, and a location that felt like us. At the time, I had no idea that the outside spaces of all outside spaces, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was a realistic option, given our humble budget. 

With a little research and e-mailing with the Garden coordinator, it was looking like a promising option.  l I loved the idea of having a small, early morning ceremony before the Garden opened to the public, surrounded by flowers and the prettiest greenery in the borough. Kevin also loved the idea, so it was a go. Fast forward a week or two, we were at the Garden reserving our date, September 17th. 


We had our choice of Garden, and it was down to the Rose Garden and the Osborne Garden. I loved the Rose Garden, but I was a little worried to all of the little bees that would be buzzing around us. When we saw the Osborne Garden, we knew it was the one. I loved the lush greenery, and there's a little hideaway to the side of the fountain that will be perfect for a private moment before and after the ceremony. 

To say we were excited is an understatement. There was something about officially reserving the venue that made it feel, well real.  The process was quick and painless, and I only remember walking out of there quietly with Kevin,  palms sweaty, and heart full.  

Final Thoughts: It's so easy to get so consumed with planning, and finding the "perfect" venue, that you can lose sight of why you're actually going through this process. Be sure to take a moment, hell several moments, to really relish the journey you're about to embark on together.